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SD and LA (home again)

Hi all,

Just got home from my two month tour with the California Guitar Trio.  
I had a fun time meeting some of the LD lurkers while on the road too 
(a few easily spottable in their LD t-shirts!)

Glad to read that Electrix is back as well.  My Repeater has seen a lot 
of traveling not just counting this 37 state, 15,000 miles of driving 
marathon, and the more it travels the more the knobs get loose and 
scary.  My EDP was at the shop during the tour but is back now.  Once I 
get through the 2 foot high pile of mail that's staring at me I'll be 
gleefully reintegrating it as well.

Since my new album was released nationally by O3E/Spotted Peccary music 
in Oct, and I'm only now getting home, I'm only now doing a CD release 
type event.  I've gathered together many of the players on it (those 
who don't require plane tickets) to do a special show in San Diego.  
The following night will also see a smaller, condensed version of the 
show in LA:

Tom Griesgraber with Bert Lams (of California Guitar Trio), NS/Stick 
player Don Schiff and Darren DeBree (Agent 22)
Th Dec 2, 8pm
Dizzy's - 344 7th ave, between J and K
San Diego, CA

Tom Griesgraber with Bert Lams (of CGT)
Fri Dec 3, 8pm-9:15pm
Genghis Cohen
740 N Fairfax
Los Angeles, CA

Thanks for reading!

Tom Griesgraber