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Re: SD and LA (home again)

Hello Tom,
I`m a newbie to this group,.
Happy THXgiving first off,.and did you gig Asheville , NC,[the San
Franfrancisco Mtn scene thats still growing] Stella Blue?
Dang I missed this,.,I should get out more often,.,  [the studio can take
its toll ]
Are there many Percussion gigs  in this circuit ,.
sure woudnt mind being busy during the slow winters months here. I use an
Orville and DSP 4500,.and have built my own perc rig,


John Perlini

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From: "Tom Griesgraber" <tom@thossounds.com>
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Sent: Tuesday, November 23, 2004 1:33 PM
Subject: SD and LA (home again)

> Hi all,
> Just got home from my two month tour with the California Guitar Trio.
> I had a fun time meeting some of the LD lurkers while on the road too
> (a few easily spottable in their LD t-shirts!)
> Glad to read that Electrix is back as well.  My Repeater has seen a lot
> of traveling not just counting this 37 state, 15,000 miles of driving
> marathon, and the more it travels the more the knobs get loose and
> scary.  My EDP was at the shop during the tour but is back now.  Once I
> get through the 2 foot high pile of mail that's staring at me I'll be
> gleefully reintegrating it as well.
> Since my new album was released nationally by O3E/Spotted Peccary music
> in Oct, and I'm only now getting home, I'm only now doing a CD release
> type event.  I've gathered together many of the players on it (those
> who don't require plane tickets) to do a special show in San Diego.
> The following night will also see a smaller, condensed version of the
> show in LA:
> Tom Griesgraber with Bert Lams (of California Guitar Trio), NS/Stick
> player Don Schiff and Darren DeBree (Agent 22)
> Th Dec 2, 8pm
> Dizzy's - 344 7th ave, between J and K
> San Diego, CA
> www.dizzyssandiego.com
> Tom Griesgraber with Bert Lams (of CGT)
> Fri Dec 3, 8pm-9:15pm
> Genghis Cohen
> 740 N Fairfax
> Los Angeles, CA
> www.genghiscohen.com
> Thanks for reading!
> Tom
> Tom Griesgraber
> www.thossounds.com
> 760-942-1031