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Re: Festivals in Spain?

Hi Per,
here Fabio from Italy.
Can you give infomations about the festival scheduled for this summer in
Andria ?

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Subject: Festivals in Spain?

> Hi,
> I'm talking to some ppl about eventually playing at a festival in Italy
> this summer (the place is called Andria) and there is an idea about
> hooking up with a Swedish festival and a Spanish festival to do some
> "artist exchange". Now, the downside is that no one of the ppl in this
> project knows about any suitable festival in Spain? Any one got a tip?
> The idea came up because the Italians are doing the Andria Festival
> "experimental" in 2005. So, where to look for an "experimental"
> festival in Spain to contact?
> Greetings from Sweden
> Per Boysen
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