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Re: Dream Looping Venues?

> I wonder what other dream looping venue there are out there.

Had one last night - at the top of a building in London, known to 
as 'The Gherkin' - amazing looking brand new office building, with a 
restaurant right at the top that looks like something out of a Bond 
did 3.5 hours of looping improv with Theo Travis there last night for a 
corporate gig, and it was pretty incredible - looking out over all of 
London, the sound bouncing off the glass dome and filling the whole place.

'Twas just a shame that the organisation in the venue was such a freakin' 
shambles - it's amazing how you can have a building that costs hundreds of 
millions of pounds to design and build and still no-one knows how to get 
your gear into a lift that goes to the basement... :o|

still, it was a dream venue, that's fo' shizzle.