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RE: Dream Looping Venues?

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Well, not that I'd ever be big enough to play there and compete with band like the Dead, Kiss, Dave Matthews, etc, but the Gorge in Washington (USA) would be fun....great scenery!
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Hi all,

Are we talking about gigs we've done or gig's we'd like to do?

My favorite space to play in so far was a gig I had at the
in Santa Barbara, California. Imagine a building which from
the inside presents a performance space that is a big flat-black
cube within which you can reconfigure seating, stage, curtains,
lighting and sound system to fit almost anything you want to do.
It presents absolutely no distractions to the performance
(because of its dull decor) and it sounded GREAT too.

As for places I'd like to do there are several . . .

The Oregon Aquarium in Newport (not as big as the Monterey,
California one) it has a great jellyfish display that looks like
a forest of living lava lamps. Heheheh. I don't know if they
allow performances there but I'd be thrilled to do one.

The Ventura, California Courthouse Atrium. Imagine a giant
echoey marble floored space with murals and a giant stature
of Padre Sera pointing at you. Heheheh. Actually, this IS a
performance space and my pal Jeff Kaiser has organized
several concerts there. If you like reverb . . . it's great.

Almost any old stone church building from the 19th century.
They were built for sound/music to be heard in (and for people
to sit in to hear it) all without technology. I've been in many,
many of them that would be sublime performance spaces
if they were opened up to the possibility.

The Silo #5 grain elevator. Silo #5 is an abandoned grain storage
facility in the port of Montréal. A quarter of a mile long and over
twenty stories high, it has a total capacity of five million bushels,
or enough wheat to make 230 million loaves of bread. The building
was constructed in several stages between 1903 and 1958. It
seems to have been converted to a space for presenting music
(in some fashion). It'd be interesting. See: http://www.silophone.net/
I think something like my piece "Hubble" would go over there
quite well.

Best regards,

tEd ® kiLLiAn


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