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Dream Looping Venues?

about the Monterey Bay Aquarium,  Tim wrote:
"Oh, man, I love that place. (Lived up the hill from it
in '85-'86).

I think I'd pay THEM to let me set up and loop near
the Kelp Forest tank for a while..."

Yeah, man,  I have done several gigs inside the museum (doing looping 
and a couple right next to the Kelp Forest Tank.................it's so 
eerily beautiful and serene in that room.

much like the serenity of the Monet 'Water Lillie's room in the Jeau du 
Paume (sp?),  the amazing impressionist painters museum near the Louvre in 

I've also thought it would be an amazing thing to play the Rothko Chapel 

The Exploratorium in San Franscisco and the Tech Museum in San Jose are 
really visually aesthetic places to loop in, as well.

Oooh, yeah, and the first Big Sur Looping Festival inside the amazing 
of gigantic redwood trees at the
Henry Miller Gallery in Big Sur with heavy fog rolling in between the 
high up.   That was pretty amazing!

I wonder what other dream looping venue there are out there.

Any ideas, anyone?