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Re: Unorthodox

Dr. Zvonar wrote:
"I was at this fairly unusual pagan resort called Isis Oasis-all Egyptian 
themed ,with exotic cats -ocelots and chervils and Burmese fishing cats 
all sorts of exotic birds -Empyreans and white peacocks"

Yeah,  Richard,

I've done several gigs at the Rosicrucian Museum in San Jose, California 
which has a similar vibe.

It's a really cool and kind of spooky place to play.  They have a pretty 
decent collection of real
artifacts stolen by the Rosicrucians from Egypt.

I played faux-middleastern music there (traditional middleastern 
but augmented by looping/processing and basses/keyboards) and there were 
beautiful young belly dancers on the gig as well...........all in all,  a 
fairly aesthetic gig for this poor hetero boy.