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    I've had some odd gigs not looping gigs-weird looping gig seems 
  I was 17 tall and skinny with hair to the middle of my back,Got a gig 
playing bass in a country band with twin female singersw/cotton candy hair 
who sounded like Tammy Wynnette. This was '72 -years before the Blues Bros 
movie. We played this lobster and shrimp fisherman's bar in Marathon Fla. 
There was chicken wire around the stage protecting us from flying 
bottles-they were aiming for me,and trying to break 'em on the posts to 
spray me with wet glass.   I played a gig in this thing caqlled a tennis 
stadium ,a quonset hut that was 50 feet tall with open ends. like a 
tin can cut in half.The only sound we could make was  MWAAH WAAH WAAH WAAH 
WAAH.The audeince left but we stayed their making that sound for the full 
  I could go on and on ,but I'll just mention a wierd gig that almost 
I was at this fairly unusual pagan resort called Isis Oasis-all Egyptian 
themed ,with exotic cats -ocelots and chervils and Burmese fishing cats 
all sorts of exotic birds -Empyreans and white peacocks  .I got offered a 
gig playing percussion with a female lead guitarist whose was said to 
channel Frida Kahlo and Carlos Santana simultaneously.I took it just for 
wierdness,but the gig got cancelled.I didn't know you could channel 
that's alive.Since then I've been trying to channel myself.It never worked 
till I discovered looping.