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Re: which looper is my looper??? please help :-)

On Nov 24, 2004, at 22:52, simon absent wrote:

>  i didn't quite understand what you meant by overdubbing - is it
> correct, when i record somethin and i like it i can record something
> additional ontop of the original matreial . but when i do this, both 
> become
> one file and can not be seperated anymore, right?

Yes, that's correct. I was speaking about overdubbing into the same 
loop, as in "layering sound". It seems I was right in the assumption 
that you don't need that feature as much as the option to overdub loops 
in parallel, on different channels.

> and next question: i read the repeater is stereo, so could i reach more
> tracks if i recorded and panned each track to get eight mono tracks???

It can be used as anything between four mono tracks or two stereo 
tracks. If you want to browse actual tips on how a Repeater can be 
used, do a search at the loopers-delight archives or read the Repeater 
Cookbook at http://www.xmlizer.biz/cgi-bin/repeater-users/kwiki.cgi