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Re: which looper is my looper??? please help :-)

At 10:52 PM +0100 11/24/04, simon absent wrote:

>i didn't quite understand what you meant by overdubbing - is it
>correct, when i record somethin and i like it i can record something
>additional ontop of the original matreial . but when i do this, both 
>one file and can not be seperated anymore, right?

People play fast and loose with terminology. "Overdubbing" can mean 
that you are recording onto a new channel or it can mean you are 
mixing new material with existing material. It depends on the 
particular recording hardware or software in use.

>and next question: i read the repeater is stereo, so could i reach more
>tracks if i recorded and panned each track to get eight mono tracks???

The Repeater is a four track recorder with a mixed stereo output.

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202