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Re: Unorthodox

Title: Re: Unorthodox
At 7:54 PM -0800 11/24/04, samba - wrote:

I was at this fairly unusual pagan resort called Isis Oasis-all Egyptian themed ,with exotic cats -ocelots and chervils and Burmese fishing cats and  all sorts of exotic birds -Empyreans and white peacocks


This is a great place, in Geyserville California, with a variety of guest accommodations including a yurt. The ocelot was a real sweetie - happy to be held and petted (he was heavy!). They had two bobcats, one a young female who was let out on a long leash and who delighted in attacking the other animals in play. The servals were a bit more feral. They'd been de-fanged but their attendant still kept his distance while feeding them chicken carcasses.

Another place in the area worth knowing about is Safari West.


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