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Re: Unorthodox

    Actually I was working at Isis Oasis taking care of the cats and birds 
for awhile.The job didn't pay shit ,but I did it cause I thought the joint 
was interesting. W/ the Cervils I would stick a chicken neck through the 
mesh and while they were busy w/ that ( about 2.5 seconds ,literally) I 
would open the cage door and put the foodplate in.Getting it back out was 
more difficult.The male Cervils and Ocelots had figured out the entropic 
value of pissing on the metal of the cage.They would keep doing it and as 
rusted and got weaker they would try and break through-not to escape,to 
fight So I had to regularly check,and repair the cages,While I would be 
fixing a section the  male cervils would stay right next to me on the 
side,with amazingly unwavering attention they would communicate their 
intention to rip my throat out. The ocelots liked to play with humans but 
were also really commited to psychological warfare w/ the cervils.
I did play music there too.