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Re: Dream Looping Venues?

  I've recorded in a silo before.One of the modern ones that looks like a 
giant brake fluid can it was great, you could sing chords in there,like 
natural looping.  There' a guy in Seattle Tacoma area ,Stewart Dempster 
-experimental trombonist..I'm fairly certain he was the first to work with 
didgeridoo in the US-He was doing it in the late 70s.He's got a recording 
called Live from the Cistern Chapel recorded in an old cistern in 
N.Washington. I was in a subway staion in Montreal once that had very 
strange acoustic properties.A wide low dome.From the center you could hear 
the sounds from all around the edges.I played flute in there and could get 
this effect of the sound going to the top and sort of spiralling down the 
sides and mushrooming from the center bottom back up to the top,but from 
midway between the center and outer wall you couldn't hear it ,just on the 
edge or center.
  I've always wanted to perform or record in museums -like the 
Anthropological museum in Mexico City.
I tried to play flute in the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake,but they 
wouldn't let me.They were extremely,genuinely polite about it.