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Re: dancers

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Rich said:

"What I found most fascinating was the reaction of the dancers during those
later rehearsals and the performance.  They 'knew' the backdrop...the tonal
center that we were going to work modally off of during the performance.
What they didn't really know was what we were going to do on top of the
backing tracks, since that was essentially improvised."

"They loved it.  They suddenly FELT the interaction.  They knew we were
giving them cues, but watching them at the same time and working off of
them, too.  We could all feel the energy going back and forth between the
music and movement."


Rich, you've so nicely described the magical and rewarding feeling of
working closely and being connected with good performers.  Having a few of
these performances every year can sustain a person all the hassles and
problems of trying to perform live, anywhere.