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Re: dancers

Good dance that decides to employ music uses the music to support the 
If it does not, the dance is flawed.  I've worked with good dancers who
professionally make six figures, and then with hobbiests who just love to
dance as a release.  The difference is quite astounding, as one would
expect.  The good dancers know a lot about music and they definitely know
how to involve the music.

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Subject: dancers

> > I've done a lot of live looping with dancers, and my experience is
> > that they don't really *listen* to the music, it just happens while
> > they do their thing.  Really.  Maybe they're responding to it on some
> > subconscious level.  I've gotten the impression that asking a modern
> > dancer to synchronize to music is received with the same enthusiasm
> > you'd encounter when asking a poet to write something that rhymes
> Well, my own experience is exactly the same...
> First time I did work for a dancing troop, I met the same behaviour.
> I was said "the music is not to convey rythmic information. The dancing
> bodies should".
> I was said "the music is not to attract attention over the dancers".
> I was also said "the music is not to convey the melodic structure. The
> dancing bodies should".
> It was a first for me, but boy, did I learn...
> Olivier