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Re: dancers


I am doing performance with contemporary/Avant garde  dancers from 
over 10 years before.

I think musicians says we know what the dancer want to do with musicians.
also dancers says we know what the musician want to do with dancers.
but they have different "ear" and "language". the focus is different.
then musician thought dancer never listen music. I think.
but I think they listen the music for other focus of musician..

and other things,I think almost dancer's backborn is classical 
ballet, and almost musician's backborn is rock music.
it are different culture. The origins with which it is into them 
differ. it are different  "ear" and "language".

My location is Japan,possibly it may be a thing only in Japan... or not..?


At 9:22 PM +0100 04.11.23, Olivier Malhomme wrote:
>  > I've done a lot of live looping with dancers, and my experience is
>>  that they don't really *listen* to the music, it just happens while
>>  they do their thing.  Really.  Maybe they're responding to it on some
>>  subconscious level.  I've gotten the impression that asking a modern
>>  dancer to synchronize to music is received with the same enthusiasm
>>  you'd encounter when asking a poet to write something that rhymes
>Well, my own experience is exactly the same...
>First time I did work for a dancing troop, I met the same behaviour.
>I was said "the music is not to convey rythmic information. The dancing
>bodies should".
>I was said "the music is not to attract attention over the dancers".
>I was also said "the music is not to convey the melodic structure. The
>dancing bodies should".
>It was a first for me, but boy, did I learn...