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sampling instruments without a click

i just got my sp505 and it's very cool.  i have a
question about sampling:

what's a good, easy technique to sample riffs using
live guitar, bass, vocals etc. to get the timing
right.  for example, i can write a drum pattern that
sounds cool with a guitar riff, and set it to the
appropriate bpm, but when it comes time to sample my
guitar playing there doesn't seem to be a way to hear
the drum pattern or even a click track while recording
a sample.  the only ways i can think of handling this
are to either use a seperate drum machine as a
metronome and have that running through seperate
speakers or headphones (what a hassle!) or to sample a
seperate drum machine click track or something at the
correct bpm then resample that adding the guitar, 
bass, vocal or whatever...  other samples i've used
have a click/metronome for sampling...


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