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Re: Mixing setups for looping

Hi Christian.
By far the coolest rackmount linemixer I've ever come across is the 
Speck xtramix


it's got like 76 inputs, 8busses and a switchable matrix of 8 sends, a 
bit hard to explain. and it's only four units high.

Anyway, it's very high on my wishlist - you know, for when I become a 
millionaire! it's 3,850$ if you buy direct... :(


CHRISROVER@aol.com wrote:
> I've been experimenting with a switchable patch bay (ProCo) to reroute 
>the output from Looper A to B and vice versa (without repatching) for 
>some interesting performance options. Feedback loops pose a problem 
>though since they also alter the basic sound (unwanted phase shifting).
> A mixer with several sends would seem to solve a lot of issues related 
>to looping more than one source or looping with one or more devices. 
>Routing and keeping your basic noiselevel to a minimum are definitively 
>calling for some creative solutions. The only Rackmixer around (that I'm 
>aware) of is an older Roland. However it is quite noisy and not in 
>production anymore. 
> Does anyone know of a small (possibly rackmount) mixer with at least 4 
>sends or any other creative solution to using several sound sources and 
>looping devices with multiple routing options (such as A to B and B to A 
>without phaseshift or repatching) ? 
> Best regards
> Christian Rover