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Mixing setups for looping

I've been experimenting with a switchable patch bay (ProCo) to reroute the 
output from Looper A to B and vice versa (without repatching) for some 
interesting performance options. Feedback loops pose a problem though 
since they also alter the basic sound (unwanted phase shifting).

A mixer with several sends would seem to solve a lot of issues related to 
looping more than one source or looping with one or more devices. Routing 
and keeping your basic noiselevel to a minimum are definitively calling 
for some creative solutions. The only Rackmixer around (that I'm aware) of 
is an older Roland. However it is quite noisy and not in production 

Does anyone know of a small (possibly rackmount) mixer with at least 4 
sends or any other creative solution to using several sound sources and 
looping devices with multiple routing options (such as A to B and B to A 
without phaseshift or repatching) ? 
Best regards

Christian Rover