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Re: Mixing setups for looping

At 6:55 PM -0500 11/23/04, CHRISROVER@aol.com wrote:

>Does anyone know of a small (possibly rackmount) mixer with at least 
>4 sends or any other creative solution to using several sound 
>sources and looping devices with multiple routing options (such as A 
>to B and B to A without phaseshift or repatching) ?

"Rackmount" is a somewhat fuzzy concept, in that a lot of table top 
mixers can be rack mounted (e.g. the Mackie 1604 and its 
descendents). I generally tend to think of a "rack mount mixer" as 
something with rotary pots in a one- or two-unit form factor, and 
I've never seen one of those with more than two aux sends (I'd love 
to be proven wrong about the existence of such).

My inclination is to go for a Mackie, Behringer, or suchlike mixer in 
a table top (but rack mountable) format. Most of those I've seen with 
12 inputs are limited to two aux sends. Most of those with 16+ inputs 
have 4 to 6 aux sends. Those generally have pre/post capability (in 
some cases individually assignable).

The Mackie Onyx 1620 is good in this respect. Not the cheapest or 
smallest mixer, but of good quality with flexible routing. The Onyx 
1640 has 6 auxes, but is much larger and pricier.

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202