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which looper is my looper??? please help :-)


thuis is mt first thread, i am a new member of this list - hjello everyone

well i have a question which i am sure you can answer fore me... 

i want to become a member of the looping community but i have problems
finding the right tool. so i thought i'd describe what i want to do and you
tell me which looper will suit my needs, okay?

here i go:

what i want to do basicly is find a better way to setting up grooves and
soundcapes - using a sequencer and having to stop playing is a pain in

i need a device, which lets me record loops as intuitive as possible. i 
to record my individual instruments on to several tracks, because after i
have finished the jam session and i'm satisfied with the result i want to
make a song of that matrerial. but if i have it all recorded in the device
it is one soundfile and i can not split it up again for arranging and 
- so it should be a recorder which has as many individual tracks (and
outputs) as possible. of course if i record two similar guitars, i should
also be also able to merge them to one track.

it doesn't need to have an output for each track - it would be also okay i
(once finished with a loop) could playback every part of which the loop
consists seperately and record that onto harddisc - when finished i can
rearrange the soundfile and rebuild the loop in a audio sequencer - - then
start arranging.

also it would be cool if the device could play several loops in a row, say 
recorded the "verse" and then i want the "refrain" loop to come
afterwards...  and so on. 

my best choice so far was the electrix reopeater - but it only has four
tracks. if i could sync two of them it would be just fine...

or do you have any other devices which are even better for my purpose?

tell me, i would apreciate any help from you!!!


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