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Berlin Concert

Title: Berlin Concert
Hi everybody,

there is a nice concert with mucho looping content coming up in Berlin this coming Monday, November 29th, 8 p.m. at the BKA am Mehringdamm (in good old Kreuzberg).

Udo Agnesens piano+synths David Althammer interactive live video
Sabine Dieterle saxophone, ewi  Andreas Willers guitar, devices+loopage Jayrope knobs, buttons+loopage

Musicians from vastly different backgrounds, improvs, concepts and encounters with a far out "video organ" called Mrs. Zippy should make for a fun evening. The programm is aptly titled "Wieviel Musik ist gesund?" That sort of means: how much music is good for your health? or maybe: how much sound can you stand without getting sick? We don't really plan to make anybody throw up, tho....

Greetings, Andreas