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RE: Acquired taste for music, fish, scotch, etc

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I've tried scotch too, Michael, and I just couldn't acquire it...same with caviar.  I'm doubtful myself whether the acquired taste for certain foods rolls over (no pun intended) to Fripp's soundscape for me.  In all fairness, however, I did acquire a taste for one band several years ago: Phish (or is that Sushi? No bun intended here).  When I first heard them, I thought, who the hell are these guys? They can barely sing in tune, half their songs sound like they don't take anything serious, and they sound like a bunch of hicks from the backwoods. Two years later I couldn't stop listening to them and I even went to several of their shows to hear their improvisational magic on stage. I ended up starting a band inspired by their improvisational, spontaneous composition approach.  So, I guess the acquired taste for music can happen sometimes, but no guarantees. 
Who knows, maybe a year from now I'll be raving about Fripp's soundscapes...or not. I've been known to change my preferences over time.  This is the beauty and privilege of being an emotional/intellectual animal.  I change, therefore I am.
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i saw fripp at a g3 show here in pittsburgh (a dream venue if there ever was one!) and wondered what the buzz was all about.....i recall that he actually smiled and this made me feel better about his curmudgony (sp) press.....i was once a big fan of ambient music, i think i recorded every "music from the hearts of space" show way back when.....as i think back i believe it was the "how do they get these sounds" question that made me interested, the music itself was relaxing and it wasn't rock/jazz/classical.....but after awhile i wondered "where's the beef (beat)".....your cave had to be deeper than mine not to have heard or read about "fippertronics" but other than his work on KC i knew nothing of his music.....i was therefore very excited to go hear him at the g3 show.....a ton-o-toys a great seat tthat he could spin around on a cool lookin guitar much knowledge and yet, the sound coming out of the speakers made me go "so.....".....i wanted to tap my toe but couldn't.....i used to drink scotch in the way back and it was an aquired taste (if you have never done it go sip a single malt and i think you will know what i mean).....perhaps it's an age thing, i don't feel i have the time to "aquire" (go thru the process of puting up with enroute to activly liking a "thing").....there is just too much "stuff" out there.....oy what a time we live in yo.....michael