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RE: Dream Looping Venues?

Haven't heard the Deep Listening Band mentioned in a few
years...although I'm not that familiar with much of their work.

I'm sure some of the listers would dig their work with Ellen Fullman and
the Long Stringed Instrument.  It's about 100 foot long stringed
instrument installation, that creates some wonderful and haunting

The album is called 'Suspended Music'...you can read a bit about it


this was recorded in Austin, but I think Fullman is now residing in


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At 9:19 PM -0800 11/26/04, samba - wrote:
>There' a guy in Seattle Tacoma area ,Stewart Dempster -experimental 
>trombonist..I'm fairly certain he was the first to work with a 
>didgeridoo in the US-He was doing it in the late 70s.He's got a 
>recording called Live from the Cistern Chapel recorded in an old 
>cistern in N.Washington.

Stu has been doing this sort of thing for a long time, either solo or 
with other musicians. The cistern recording is with the Deep 
Listening Band. The group in the 1988 recording ("The Ready Made 
Boomerang" on New Albion) was Stu Dempster (trombone), Thomas Eckert 
(voice), Pauline Oliveros (accordion), Panaiotis (voice), and William 
O. Smith (clarinet).

The cistern project was actually the pretext for the formation of the 
DLB. They've continued to explore naturally reverberant spaces as 
they find them, but for most gigs they create their own 
electroacoustic spaces. A typical setup relies on an 8-channel 
speaker system, and early on the echo and reverb processing was done 
with four Lexicon PCM-42 delays and four Lexicon PCM-70 reverbs. This 
was later supplemented by a Reson8 DSP box, but I believe that these 
days everything is based on MaxMSP.

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