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Re:Re: (To Synth or not to preset)

>Some people have developed a vast array of original and compelling sounds
>from "non-synth" set-ups.  It's a point of pride (and perhaps even
>practicality) that there is no sythesizing unit creating the source 
>Of course, the difference between using many layers of sound processing 
>actual "synthesis" is a great question.

Good points, for instance a guitar pedal making a sub-Octave is producing 
synthetic waveform.If you turn up the resonance of a Flanger, eventually 
synthesizes a waveform.
So whether or not you're using "no synths" is not always an easy question 
to answer.
(ah, but I'm claiming "no synth" for my music at the moment)

I'd like to suggest that it's more important to consider whether the 
are developed by the player. To me, a MIDI guitar playing a preset sound 
just isn't exciting (the same being true if the sound is triggered by 
keyboard). Yes, those digi-piano guitar solos really don't do it for me.

andy butler
www.andybutler.com  info & mp3s