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Re:Re: (To Synth or not to preset)

funny old thread this.. ? Isnt it a teeny bit ironic that us "loopers" (who are probably the MOST technological of musicians) still have lines we like to draw as to what is acceptable technology... Whats wrong with midi guitar??? Of course it matter what it sounds like... but really... whats the difference between a pickup amplifing a string and then that signal being processed to shit till it sounds like a keyboard, and a pickup amplifiing a string and analysing the tone to be passed on to trigger a synth... buggery nothing!!!
Its like all the millions of cubase/plugin synth players who go.. "Its amazing, sounds really analog and warm" ... I Like to say to them "What a shame.. if only it could sound really digital and cold!!!" Its just a sound/trend thing...
Just so you know where I stand on this matter, I use both.. I have a guitar synth(gr30) , that provides midi to another synth (korg 2000R), and a sampler (Akai S1000), BUT I also, and mostly work with a very processed guitar sound... Its taken years for me to aquire this set-up and sound, and now I just have to put the computer into "RECORD" and start playing to make CD's/music that I am extremely happy with... maybe no one else likes/will like it, but it makes me happy, synth, no synth, analog or digital!!!!!
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