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Re: best 13 pin replacement cable?

On Nov 29, 2004, at 2:51 PM, Brian Hamlin wrote:

> How did that go Alex? Did you need to beef up the individual outputs at
> all before they reached the mixer?

It was pretty straightforward and works fine. The little Roland box 
that mounts on the instrument contains simple preamps (single opamp 
stage, I forget how much gain but I have the schematics at home). The 
signals on the 13-pin cable are unbalanced, so I chose to plug them 
into a four-channel Stewart DI box I had lying around just to balance 
and isolate them from the run to the mixer. Next up, I plan to build 
the balancing circuitry into the bass along with a crosspoint router; I 
have two polyphonic pickups (optical and magnetic) and three or four 
destinations (GI-20, VBass, mixer, and a spare in case Santa brings me 
a second VBass). The idea is to process each string separately, or to 
overlap timbres, or...

Oh, in case it isn't obvious the volume knob doesn't control the audio 
level, it just sends a control voltage down one of the wires.

Oh oh, the preamp requires power (+/- 7V) which is normally sent from 
the GK synth or processor up to the instrument. My mixer tap assumes 
that a GK device is providing power.

I guess by now you can gather that the Balin comment from one of my 
shows would be "nice sound check, I kept waiting for an intro...")

-Alex S.

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> Subject: Re: best 13 pin replacement cable?
> I made my own using parts from digikey.com, and it was a lot cheaper,
> but I wouldn't recommend that route unless you need something special
> (I wanted a breakout/splitter cable to send the individual string
> signals to a mixer as well into a GK device.)
> -Alex S.
> On Nov 29, 2004, at 1:49 PM, Legion wrote:
>> Was just wondering if anyone knew of a cheaper alternative to the
>> roland
>> 13 pin DIN cable used for their current line of guitar synths. I don't
>> need one (yet) but it would be nice to have a backup.
>> Any/all help appreciated
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