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RE: best 13 pin replacement cable?

How did that go Alex? Did you need to beef up the individual outputs at
all before they reached the mixer?

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Subject: Re: best 13 pin replacement cable?

I made my own using parts from digikey.com, and it was a lot cheaper, 
but I wouldn't recommend that route unless you need something special 
(I wanted a breakout/splitter cable to send the individual string 
signals to a mixer as well into a GK device.)

-Alex S.

On Nov 29, 2004, at 1:49 PM, Legion wrote:

> Was just wondering if anyone knew of a cheaper alternative to the
> roland
> 13 pin DIN cable used for their current line of guitar synths. I don't
> need one (yet) but it would be nice to have a backup.
> Any/all help appreciated
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