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ORGANIC programming and looping

I've really been thinking a lot in my own composition about what makes 
feel 'organic'.

Using the potentially overstatic techniques of live looping, sequencing 
(all those repetitive things that we both love and that can certainly 
us, aesthetically)
I think any sophisticated electronica composer trys to figure out how to 
simulate the live
performance of multiple real time musicians.

In drum computer programming,  putting in lots of little tiny but 
constrained random variations
in resonance, cutoff, panning, volume, timing can really fool people into 
thinking that they are listening
to a live drumming track.

The same is true of synth bubbles or arpeggios.

I'm still waiting for someone to incorporate some generated Boid 
into some of the more
popular sequencing programs (including drum computer programs like Battery 
and Fruity Loops).
Those are the algorhythms created to simulate the variation in formations 
birds as they flock and turn in the air.

In looping,  obvious techniques like replacing, overdubbing, changing loop 
lengths, etc. can help a
piece from being terminally static.   I also love the addition of random 
non-random addition of effects
and/or filtering to preexisting loops when I play or when I listen to 
playing.  Boy, my kindgom for
the random filtering algorhythm that is in that pricey Lexicon unit that 
Steve Lawson uses live.........it's so
cool because the rhythms constantly morph in a seemingly 'organic' way.

I've also noticed that sometime the addition of merely one element that is 
changing can give an entire
static set of loops or sequences an 'organic' feel.

Then, of course, there is the addition of actuall real time (non looped) 
playing over the top of
of static elements.     Curious, though,  if we use that approach alone it 
seems, after awhile to call more
attention to the stasis of the loop.

And finally,   sometimes it's cool to be REALLY ARTIFICIAL and static 
our playing.
Lately,  along those lines, I've been experimenting with and acoustic 
drumset that sounds like
cheap analogue drum machines from the 70's.    I figured everyone is 
to sound organic with
their drum programming, maybe I should take the opposite tack and see 
it leads me.

I've blown enough wind.............your thoughts?