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Re: ORGANIC programming and looping

loop.pool wrote:
In looping,  obvious techniques like replacing, overdubbing, changing loop lengths, etc. can help a
piece from being terminally static.   I also love the addition of random or non-random addition of effects
and/or filtering to preexisting loops when I play or when I listen to others playing.  Boy, my kindgom for
the random filtering algorhythm that is in that pricey Lexicon unit that Steve Lawson uses live.........it's so
cool because the rhythms constantly morph in a seemingly 'organic' way.
I've set up a patch in my Lexicon MPX-1 so that an LFO sweeps the frequency of the EQ module (I think I just used a simple Lowpass filter) to add a nice "random" filter sweep to my loops.  I'll also use additional delay (also in the MPX-1) to further randomize the filter sweeping.  To my ears, the result sounds more organic because it makes it more difficult to detect the "loop around" point.  Plus, it sounds cool!


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