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Re: cool guitar synth intros

I (stupidly) passed up an opportunity to perform as part of an ensemble of
100 electric guitars playing Glenn Branca in NYC about 2 years ago (or was
it three..). Dumb dumb dumb!

We were all asked to bring small amps.  Still, 100 15-watt amps would
probably add up to something hellish and loud.



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> Totally OT:
> Back in '83 I went to see Glenn Branca at the SF Symphony's New and
> Unusual Music series. I was joined, quite by chance, by Paul Kantner
> and Marty Balin (of the Jefferson Airplane/Starship). They both tried
> to pretend I didn't know who they were, and I played along.
> Branca was known in those days for having the loudest performances
> (at least in the artsy new music world), with a dozen or so electric
> guitars all cranked. Kantner was unimpressed, making a point of how
> much louder his own band was. But it was Balin, whose comment I won't
> forget, "He has a lot of nice intros, but I keep waiting for the
> song."
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