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Re: cool guitar synth intros

  The Branca story is hilarious. I can see how someone would say that 
his stuff. I wish it was easier to get some of those sorts of effects 
without it being so loud,but as I understand it ,he's really working with 
the reoonance of the space , which makes sense to me.I've never heard the 
shimmer of Gamelan come through on recordings.You can hear it but you 
feel it.And when you feel it all around you it's quite different than it 
just being in front of you. They call it Umbak when the gong  makes a big  
wave through the room. I read that Sonic Youth was inspired by Branca,and 
when I heard them they definately had sort of a huge ball of energy they 
were working. like the audio equivailaent of heat waves over the road 
surface.I stood at the other end of the stadium ,and it was still way too 
loud,but the textures were great.