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Re: cool guitar synth intros

SWANS were masters of creating loud realities this way.  Just thinking 
them makes my ears sing!
God, they were loud.

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>   The Branca story is hilarious. I can see how someone would say that
> his stuff. I wish it was easier to get some of those sorts of effects
> without it being so loud,but as I understand it ,he's really working with
> the reoonance of the space , which makes sense to me.I've never heard the
> shimmer of Gamelan come through on recordings.You can hear it but you
> feel it.And when you feel it all around you it's quite different than it
> just being in front of you. They call it Umbak when the gong  makes a big
> wave through the room. I read that Sonic Youth was inspired by Branca,and
> when I heard them they definately had sort of a huge ball of energy they
> were working. like the audio equivailaent of heat waves over the road
> surface.I stood at the other end of the stadium ,and it was still way too
> loud,but the textures were great.