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Re: Looping-newbie looking for suggestions :)

Hi Jesper,

Here's a page with good info on most looping devices: 
http://www.loopers-delight.com/tools/tools.html. AFAIK the EDP has the 
best midi implementation (for hardware based loopers) but if it is 
"overkill" only you can answer. If you intend to stay around the newbie 
user level it is certainly overkill but if you intend to learn more on 
looping you will probably want to get an EDP anyway ;-)

For some of your questions there are long and detailed answers to be 
found at the Looper's Delight Mailing List Archive, 

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
http://www.looproom.com (international)
http://www.boysen.se (Swedish site)

On Nov 30, 2004, at 9:52, Jesper Barrit wrote:

> Hello :)
> I'm a looping-newbie looking for some suggestions on a looper that has 
> the
> following features:
> - Must sound good and not be noisy.
> - Must have good midi implementation, since I'll be controlling it 
> from a
> midipedal (Rocktron All Access).
> - I prefer units that has a universal power supply (so it can be 
> powered
> anywhere in the world).
> - Must be around/under 5-6 inches deep, so it can fit in the back of my
> rack.
> I have been looking at the Lexicon JamMan, the Line6 Echo Pro and the 
> Gibson
> EDP. I have a few question about those:
> - The JamMan has a low sample rate, so it might sound awful?
> - The Line6 Echo Pro is cheap and has all the other delay models build 
> in
> (which I wont use, though), but it seems to have a bad reputation?
> - The Gibson EDP is the most expensive, but it has alot of features, 
> but
> that might be overkill for my looping-newbie needs? I've seen many 
> different
> version of this one with different software and design, which one is 
> the one
> to get?
> So what do you suggest? JamMan or Echo Pro? Or maybe even EDP?
> Thanks :)
> Best regards,
> Jesper