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Synth Intros/Townshend

Title: Synth Intros/Townshend
> i'll add another Who track to the list.  Intro to Baba O'Reilly from
'Who's Next'.

>>That's not guitar synth, that's just a straight up synth track (the kind
>>with keys-ARP 2600 to be specific).  Same thing with Who Are You I think.


Indeed the synth intros/parts on ‘Baba’, ‘Fooled’, and ‘Who are you?’ are various combos of organ (hammond?) , analog filters/sample & hold and analog synth.

>From the nerd, ‘rock history’ side, the cool thing is that the solo on ‘Going Mobile’ is Pete playing guitar plugged into the back of a synth, I believe the ARP. It’s perhaps the first ‘guitar/synth’ solo for whatever that’s worth.