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Re: ORGANIC programming and looping

I.) I always try to find a balance between "Programming"(fixed
composition) and "Looping"(free improvisation)
         *** The relationship is in some cases maybe a liitle bit to
nifty-easy-traced ***

II.)  I seldom have the experience,that I can make free music by
improvisation by myself,because always there is the heritage based
        in my brain,what I once learned through ETUDES and other musical

III.) But on the other hand,my "programmed" compositions are also
influenced by the experiences I made through "Improviasations".

IV.) Music itself has a kind of fluid character.The perfect music is-if
compared to cooking water,where water can get fluid,but also a
        kind of steam and all the in betweens.

V.) I have learnt over a long period,how to work with all this
machines,wich needs programming.Hardware based or Software based.
      And mostly they offered me a big space to develop my own system to
tell my musical story,wich is at least a nice excerpt of my own life.

VI.) A Random function in a Software can help.But at least you as artist
must decide,what you want or dislike.
       But in the last point,you are the one who must decide if you want
it or not.

VII:) Beware to get lost in Parameter-Frenzy.

VIII:) A Random function offers you always a combination of all
possibiliteis,but you are the one who has to choose,the only right one.

IX.) Improvisation can demonstrate,what a musican has touched in his
life as musican.

X.) Music can not be fixed in algorithms.Once you thought,you got the
spirit,this spirit breaks away and leave you alone.
       And then we find you in your ruins of System.