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Re: running two amps at once

On 21-03-05 20:30, "Richard Zvonar" <zvonar@zvonar.com> wrote:

> At 6:12 PM +0000 3/21/05, Andy Morris wrote:
>> sorry to be too vague originally. other than the boomerang and dl4
>> the effects are rather simple. all of the effects run before the
>> boomerang in the chain and no effects are added to the boomerang's
>> output. current setup is a fender deluxe strat > morley mono volume
>> pedal > snarling dogs mold spore wah/ring modulator > ibanez ts9
>> deluxe tube screamer > dunlop jimi hendrix model crybaby > line 6
>> dl4 delay modeler (being ran mono right now) > boomerang+ phrase
>> sampler > '65 reissue Fender super reverb 4x10".
>> my exact intentions are for every sound that comes out of the
>> boomerang to be transmitted by a seperate 2x12" combo and that amp
>> only. my guitar should be sounding from the 4x10" combo only for a
>> larger lead sound. both amps will run simultaneously so no a/b
>> switch should be necessary. hopefully this makes everything a little
>> clearer. thank you.
> This makes everything a lot clearer. All you need to do is to split
> the signal before the Boomerang and send one leg to the 4x10" and the
> other leg to the Boomerang and thence to the 2x12".  This will give
> you the sound of the guitar, with all the effects, coming from the
> 4x10" and the output of the Boomerang (also with all the effects as
> they are recorded into loops on the 'rang) coming from the 2x12".
> You can split the signal using simple, cheap, passive "Y" adapters.
> You can buy these pretty much anywhere. The most flexible choice will
> be to use an adapter with one male plug and two female jacks, plus
> two 1/4" TS cables. Plug the male end into the left output of the DL4
> and then use the two cables to attach the Y-adapter (Female #1) ->
> Boomerang and the  Y-adapter (Female #2) to the 4x10".

Well, looks like that makes more sence than what I just wrote. Some times
its hard beeing dyslectic. I was sure you wanted the same signal going out
of the boomerang to the two amps and then use the 4*10 as a live boost.
In that case my advise would give you that result. However wanting 
else my advice is pretty worthless, sorry : )

Still, I really recommend the effectloop mastervolume control.