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Re: Reason 3.0?

It's hard to recommend an upgrade as each person wants different things 
from a
given tool... But, having said that, and, if nothing else, 3.0 'sounds
better'... I loaded a track I had been working on just hours before 3.0 
and I heard a big difference... I wasn't looking for a difference.. I 
my song to sound exactly the same... but, it was more 'open', more 'clear'
sounding... as well there is the new mastering tools, which are useless to 
until I learn how to use them properly.. lol... and the Combinator it 
to be quite powerful, for me, as I love to build things from lots of 


Quoting Edwin Hurwitz <edwin@indra.com>:

> At 11:35 PM -0600 3/28/05, Jeff Shirkey wrote:
> >I was curious how many of you would recommend upgrading from Reason 
> >2.5 to 3.0 (assuming you've done so yourself)? This is the last week 
> >to get the upgrade price of $129, and I'm debating whether or not to 
> >do it. Advice would be appreciated. Fwiw, I haven't learned 2.5 
> >yet--not that that really matters, I guess.
> >
> >Thanks,
> >
> >Jeff
> Where did you see that this is the last week for an upgrade?
> Edwin
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> Edwin Hurwitz
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