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Re: That first note (or loop) . . .

Krispen, et al,

In a message dated 05/01/05 10:00:30, khartung@cableone.net writes:

[Ted, I am using your comment as a spring board here, rather than
attacking it....just so you know. I think I just drank too much Chai tea
for my own good. :)

Certainly no offense taken. I'll own up to my words too. But the context was
more one refering to how a particular loop show seemed to be going to me.
If "mostly" everyone seems to already be pulling out their eBows and doing
mellow ammbient drones -- or I hear a LOT of anything else in particular at
a loop fest (bleeps and bloops anyone?) -- I figure why not choose something
contrasting and pull out the blitzkrieg Sonny Sharock tones and licks (as if).

I would never, ever claim that I am a self-defining "original" of ANY sort.
I am a mutt and an amalgam of everything I've ever heard and liked (or
even disliked for that matter, that's an influence too). Not only that, my
skills are so excruciatingly limited I cannot DO everything I most admire or
would like to do musically either. An awful lot of what I do is exactly what
it is because it's what I am ABLE to do. I am confined by those limitations --
a certain amount of ignorance and certain physical and emotional predilections,
coupled with passion and a twisted stubborn (maybe misplaced) ambition.

There is very little origininal "sprung directly from the head of Zeus" music
happening in the world -- if any at all. Certainly none of mine is. I would
be very, very interested in hearing any that truly was. Moreover, I am sure
a lot of the "lions" of music history only seem to have so "sprung" (in originality)
through the filtered lens of our historical ignorance. Lots of people still think
Fripp and Eno invented looping.

Best regards,

tEd kiLLiAn

"Different is not always better, but better is always different"


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