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RE: John Abercrombie

This is an excellent album/CD ("Characters"), the only that I know of
from John that is solo.  It never occurred to me that he was looping on
that, but I better give it another listen.  It wouldn't surprise me, as
he has always used really long delay times, even in his normal solos in
combo groups.   Thanks for bringing this up, Per.  I can't believe how
many albums John has how....insane.

Here some sound clips of that CD if other's are interested:




You also just reminded me how much ECM label music I have in my
collection.  I love that label.  When I grow up, I want to be with ECM!


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A while back I mentioned some tape delay looping (?) I heard by John  
Abercrombie as a huge source of inspiration and some list members  
(Kris Hartung, Andreas Willers) seemed very eager to know which  
record that was. I couldn't remember the name of it and since it's  
vinyl I didn't have it at hand (hidden somewhere among the vinyl  
piles I have kept stuffed away in a corner since the turntable packed  
up in 1990). Anyway, today I found the disc and it is a solo album  
called "Characters" recorded in Oslo in 1977. No additional  
musicians, only John playing acoustic guitar, electric guitar and  
electric mandolin. As I remember it he was playing against long loops  
of his own previous playing and from the sound of those loops I would  
guess that he was using an ordinary tape delay (I've had a Roland  
Chorus for many years, playing around with its Sound-On-Sound  
button). Nothing at the record cover says if a studio multi tracking  
machine or a tape delay was used for the layering.

Greetings from Sweden

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