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RE: John Abercrombie

Great list. "Animato" is another really interesting CD of his that I
like...has an odd and deep sort of Nordic/Scandinavian feel to
it....with John Christensen on percussion.

ECM Records has an informative discography of his works, with a lot of
credits, etc.


Sound Samples


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Some of his early stuff (which contains my favorite album Arcade) was
only ON vinyl until relatively recently. I finally managed to obtain a
CD copy of the album a few months back after repeatedly copying the LP
to cassette tape and then more recently to CD.

Here's an interesting link of what's available for John Abercrombie.


Brakophonic <brakophonic@telia.com> wrote:
Just put the lp on
forgot that i had that one
i'ts probably mutlitracked and not looped as you mentioned
but there's a lot of repetitive stuff going on there
great album , cheers for bringing it to my attention
i haven't listened to it for years
but i had the fortune to get hold of my old vinylplayer
and slowly rediscovering the lps
there's a lot of good recordings with de johnette and abercrombie
apart from the gateway albums there's the directions and new directions
Gunnar Backman
Brak(E)man Prod/Brakophonics
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2005-05-03 kl. 09.39 Andreas Willers wrote :

> Yeah, John is the man! The first Gateway is great at whammy bar/volume

> pedal
> type stuff even before Bill Frisell hit the scene - phantastic balance

> of
> energy and elegance with a ! free spirit. As I recall on Characters
> all
> multitracked. He never toured with that material because he would have

> had
> to use a tape machine to play back the backgrounds, but John and Ralph
> Towner had a great duo that did tours. As it happens we had a public 
> jam
> last week in a g/p/b/dr format here at a Berlin jazz club with tunes 
> from
> that very period and did Ralph's Piano Waltz and Foolish Door by John.

> It
> was so much fun that we consider turning it into a project...well, so 
> little
> time, so many ideas.......Regards

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