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Re: John Abercrombie

Kris, et al,

In a message dated 05/03/05 9:10:33, khartung@cableone.net writes:

"Animato" is another really interesting CD

Yeah. That's one of the ones I have on factory cassette that I don't get
much chance to listen to any more -- along with "Getting There" and
"Current Events." I even have one of those old ECM "Works" anthologies
of Abercrombie tunes on cassette. Darn! I wish I could afford to replace
them with new CD copies -- but I can't. The better half would murder me

Lately I have been making MP3 CD-Rs full of all just one artist apiece
and listening to a whole day's worth of Torn, Rypdal, Frisell, Fripp,
Metheny, McLaughlin, etc. It'd be nice to have enough to fill a whole
disk with some John Abercrombie too.

Best regards,

tEd kiLLiAn

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