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Re: Echoplex Perplexities

Presets can be switched while in Reset with presses of Insert and Multiply
(I believe, from memory) on the unit or footswitch.  In MIDI, however,
presets can be switched on the fly with one press, yes.  I would double
check that you are not sending preset switch messages, and then learn how 
use them to your benefit because they are VERY helpful :)

Unquantized Multiply will adjust your startpoint, try quantizing it to the
cycle, or reducing your number of 8th notes (I keep mine set to 2, so that
every command is quantized twice to the cycle, or I'll set it as 4 for
longer cycles).


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From: Trevor Davis
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Subject: Echoplex Perplexities

I'm hoping someone knows why sometimes when I hit multiply, it changes my
startpoint. I never want my start point to change so does anyone know what
parameter is making this happen? The other perplexity is that my echoplex
will sometimeschange presets periodically, seemingly at random. I am using
midi to control the echoplex and may hit a wrong note at times but dont you
have to; go to presets, select, and load in order to change presets? Can
this be done just by sending 1 wrong midi note?
Thanx, Trevor.
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