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RE: Controlling EDPs with MIDI/Behringer

Yep, both of those parameters are set the same in mine.  Thinking that
it might be the unit and not MIDI, I tried my EDP controller, and
everything works fine. So, it has something to do with MIDI and how that
one secondary unit is set. I also switched the primary and secondary
EDPs around, that unit still behaves badly...so it seems that it is
something about that one unit, regardless of whether it is primary or
secondary. If it is primary and my MIDI controller is going into it
first, then not even the secondary (properly working) unit plays the
loop back. It's like the loop playback function is not passing from the
primary unit to the secondary unit.   Strange.

I was hoping Kim would chime in here and save the day....for those of
your out using stereo EDPs and controlling them via MIDI, are both of
your units set the same?


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I seem to recall the same thing happening when my LoopCopy parameters
weren't both set to the correct and identiical setting.

On 5/3/05, Kris Hartung <khartung@cableone.net> wrote:
> Being a late bloomer, I am just now getting around to controlling my 
> linked EDPs with a Behringer MIDI controller. I just about have it 
> working great, but something odd is happening.
> First, both units, 1 (primary) and 2 are linked via Brother sync and 
> MIDI.  I recorded a four measure loop, and hit Record again to play it

> back...but what happens is that only the second EDP is playing the 
> loop back, not the primary. I can see the Feedback LED light up on 
> that unit, but not the primary unit.  Any clues as to why this would 
> occur?  I am assuming I need to makes some changes to my MIDI 
> parameters?
> Kris