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Re: Nature of Reality

samba - wrote:
>  Rants by John Fahey<http://www.johnfahey.com/reality.htm> He apparent;y 
> released some experimantal electronica in th e90s,at least he said he 
> did,but I'm haveing trouble finding it.

I have a CD titled "georgia stomps, atlanta struts, and other
contemporary dance favorites" which appears to be a live recording
made August 9, 1997 at the Horizon Theatre in Atlanta.

 From what I can tell, it is solo electric guitar through a variety
of reverb, tremolo, delay and other effects.

I have a pretty high tolerance for self indulgent noodling, but this
really tested my patience.  I forced myself to listen to it about 5
times, waiting for some kind of epiphany, but it just didn't work for me.

It reminded me of things that I've done at 3 am after too many
chemical amusement aids.  And that isn't a compliment.

It's for sale if anyone wants it :-)