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EDP video flake comes clean

Ya boo,

A certain dayglo green gentleman emailed me to say that the infamous
Echoplex tutorial was an active subject on the list, so I guess I should
re-subscribe temporarily, long enough to pipe in with some words.

Hans Lindauer was somehow patient enough to put up with me for a weekend
back in the fall of 2002, during which time we shot raw footage for a
propoed EDP tutorial video.  The fact that it's never materialized is
basically my fault.

There are several reasons for my dropping the ball on this, which
probably aren't worth going into enormous detail about on a public list.
 The short version of my reasons might include:

- A whole hell of a lot of things in my professional and personal life
that have happened in the two and a half years since the tutorial
footage was shot, which changed my perspective on the Echoplex and
my use of it (and its role in my life) - not for the worse, by any 
means, but definitely for the "different";

- Mixed feelings about the value or implications of making a
comprehensive Echoplex lesson available to the public at large, and what
the relative advantages/disadvantages might be;

- Serious concerns as to whether such a release might be interpreted as
an offensive display of arrogance or self-serving opportunism on my
part, might generate a substantial wave of negativity towards me, or
would simply be considered not valuable to the looping community at
large.  (I'll admit that these concerns come largely from the backlash
which drove me off of this list a year ago, and what seemed to me to be
a more or less complete absence - at that time - of any public, on-list
defense of my attempted contributions to this community.)

- The serious amount of time and money that would be required to get a
final version authored, mastered, manufactured, and made available for
sale, which I'm reluctant to commit to in light of the issues raised above;

- Similarly, my wish to put more time and energy into being a working
musician and guitar teacher, as opposed to being an Echoplex guru and
mellow-harshing, spam-mongering Looper's Delight troll.

The last time I talked to Hans, my impression was that he was basically
cool with not doing anything with the footage, which I sincerely hope
was (and is still) indeed the case.  (If that's not the case, Hans, then
for Pete's sake drop me a line and kick my ass.)  I seriously appreciate
the time and effort he went to in order to get the footage put together
to the extent that he did, as well as the patience he exhibited all
along, and I'm genuinely sorry for not having been able to see the
project through to completion.

So I guess the official word is that there won't be a release of the
footage shot with Hans back in 2002, either as an official DVD or as
free clips.  Maybe there'll be an EDP DVD down the road; maybe I'll make
a new one, maybe someone else will shoot one...  we'll see.

Thanks again to Hans for being cool above and beyond the call of duty,
thanks to those with some interest, and apologies to those who'd like an

Seacrest out,

--Andre LaFosse
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