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Re: Nature of Reality

In a message dated 05/03/05 17:04:52, sambacomet@hotmail.com writes:

Rants by John Fahey<http://www.johnfahey.com/reality.htm> He apparently
released some experimantal electronica in th e90s,at least he said he
did,but I'm haveing trouble finding it.

I never owned any of those but I heard a few (my local library had a few of
his "electronic" music CDs to check out). Fahey is/was and odd duck and
a bit od\f a crank -- even in the days when he was just doing acoustic

I related these experiments of his more to a sort of overly-processed Dr.
Eugene Chadbourne aethetic done somewhat amateurishly. The sad thing is
is that towards the end of his life he was living out of is station wagon
physically sick and mentaly disconnected. I'm not sure, he may have even
died under thos ciecumstances.

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tEd kiLLiAn

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