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Re: here is a good Cream review:

A girlfriend who was nuts about Rod Stewart got me to go see him at the LA 
Greek Theatre (is there another one?) in 1994, I think.  I really liked 
Faces period, up until the "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy" thing took off - and who 
wouldn't like the guitar work?  In his latter rock period, doing "Hot 
and such showed a good capability for self-lampooning, and afforded once 
again nice guitar licks.  At the concert I found myself, some years later, 
feeling like a lot of the guys whose wives had gotten them to get tix to 
Rod, looking for the bits to get enthused about, enjoying the old stuff 
mostly, when the New part of the show started with "Fascination" - and 
Beck came on to play several songs.

The guy just ripped and burned it up - and didn't sound like he was 
a tape in his head either, taking the songs to places we'd not heard 
I'd also been fortunate enough to catch him opening up for (!) Stevie Ray 
Vaughan (LA Auditorium 1991?), and between the two of them it was a 
three-hour show.  They also played together a couple of times, and nearly 
burnt the place down.  @#$% Awesome!

Luis, I completely concur.  Jeff Beck is one of the few from the Old Days 
that still kicks butt.  Ab So Lutely.

From: "L. Angulo" <labalou2000@yahoo.com>
> true, alot of the old rockers like Santana,Clapton and
> Page to name a few sounded more interesting than
> today,even though they werent playing through
> expensive equipment...(age and fortune maybe)the only
> one in my opinion that keeps reinventing himself is
> Jeff Beck
> (is he still smashing his guitars by the way?)
> Luis
>>Claptons tone those days was really
>> incredible- too bad the writer doesn't cover that
>> -like what gear did he
>> have?
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