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Re: here is a good Cream review:

   There is a Greek Theater in Berkeley- up in the hills surronded by big 
eucalyptus trees with a view of the whole SF Bay -one of the best outdoor 
venues in the country.
  I think Santana still plays with real passion and fire,he isn't exaclty 
exploring new ground, and I don't care about collaborations with pop stars 
that I never would have heard otherwise, but I think he still sounds 
I play ltin percussion, that sound never gets old for me.The sense of mthe 
melody instrument being and extension of the voice is an aesthetic I 
respect. I saw Beck on the tour for Truth when Rod Stewrt was his led 
,and unknown in the states. the opening act was Big Brother and the 
Company,w/ Janis-Stewart was not particularly impressive in comparison.I 
once sw Ike and Tina Turner open for the Stones-Tina made Jagger seem like 
complete poseur.And Ike did the sme to both stones guitarists.It's to 
credit I suppose that they would hire openers that could and did so 
thoroughly outplay them.