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RE: Fahey, was Re: Nature of Reality

   I think Fahey ws relly significant .We certainly would never hve hd 
Hedges without Fhey brekingt the trail. I didn;t know you had so much 
w/ him,Dave. I was disturbed when he played before us at the Willamette 
fest and no one else in the band or audience seemed to know who he was.
  I lived in Tacoma Park ,where he ws from-hence Tacom records ,when I was 
bout 3. Henry Vestine ws from there too,and told me fahey would put my 
stories in his book-yeah right like the one about falling off the 
years Tacoma Park only town in the US w/ a Communist mayor,also home of 
House of Musical Traditions oldest shop (besides Carrol sound in NY) 
specializing in instruments from around the world.I was hanging there all 
the time in 75 ,the guitar player from NRBQ behind the counter,a bunch of 
S.Indian,Karnatic musicians from Ravi Shankar's and George Harrisons Dark 
horse tour came in and played with stuff for about an hour-incredible 
.Another time musicins from Pharoah Saunders group-Rashied Ali nd Cecil 
McBee,and a percussionist I didn't know came in and jammed on stuff.
  Henry told me about travelling through the south w/ Fahey in the late 
going door to door in the black parts of towns asking for old records. 
would have been extremely off the wall then-this is before the freedom 
marches,the south was still 100% segregted,white kids being in the black 
part of town would have been almost unheard of.That's how Fahey 
"rediscovered "Skip James and Bukka White,and it's why Fahey knew more 
old blues players ,tunings etc than pretty much any other scholar of that